Thank you to all my amazing clients, colleagues, supervisees and trainees for all the rich opportunities for learning and growth you offer me every day, you inspire me, and make this vocation the best job in the world.

Dr Suzannah Hill

Comments from clients

Thank you for your support and helping to get my life back on track. I am very grateful.
The flexibility of different types of therapy available was really helpful. Each session was adapted to my needs at that time and gave me the space and time given to address my issues as required.
I am very grateful for the support Suzannah gave me during my therapy. She helped me achieve my goals and I leave with better life skills, and understanding of myself.
I went to Suzannah lost, stuck in a rut and pretty much out of touch with my emotions and life in general. I came out on a path, I felt lighter, happier, a better relationship with my daughter and family and a plan to make my life better, I would highly recommend Suzannah Hill, she is pleasant, understanding, kind, caring, honest and fits the session around you to your needs and what you want to address or may find something that you might be missing in your life but you don’t yet know, its all about taking the one step forward.
It’s difficult to tell you how much you helped in just a few sentences. If I focus on one area I’d say you’ve helped me the most, it would be understanding my patterns and trends while I’m in relationships.
You considered what was discussed between visits then discussed with us retrospectively. This aided understanding. You have a great memory for detail and a wonderful ability to provide insight, to guide and to suggest redirect.
I feel so much happier and stronger and you have helped me become a better version of myself. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me, I was so anxious before I started seeing you, I hadn’t realised the extent it affected me. It led to depression and repeat feelings of failure and unhappiness. Whilst I’ll always be the person that struggles with somethings, as let’s face it I am still me! I am much more able to cope and more importantly recognise toxic behaviour both from others and within myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Many thanks for all your empathy, compassion and understanding. You are a great listener and guide of how life can be lived to the full.
It was essential for me to have the opportunity to talk and not be judged, I found the relationship worked as I trusted Suzannah.

Feedback from supervisees

As well as feeling valued and understood, I always learn a lot and come away feeling positive and inspired. I have definitely grown as a practitioner and in confidence in myself and work.
Considered, thoughtful feedback – always done gently. I’ve grown as a therapist and personally.
I find your experience very helpful and I believe that you really hear what I am trying to work through. I am definitely a visual learner and you use pictures and metaphor to help make things clear.
You are excellent and so quick at naming and packaging the theoretical side which helps me hugely with formulations. You have enabled our team to become a much closer and more client centred. Staff work so much better together- this must reflect in all our work.
The important aspect of our work that I find especially helpful is that of shared thinking. The time you give for us to have professional discussions around client work and the freedom to share my thinking without the fear of being judged is crucial to the trusting working relationship we have.
A good balance of intellectual exploration of the topic and pragmatic in exploring its application.
Your feedback during sessions has been very valuable for my own learning development.
Thank you for being real about shared challenges and demonstrating reflexivity in practical work. Also, the use of humour, imagery and metaphors. I appreciate your honesty, willingness to understand and openness to explore any topic brought up.
You are open and honest in approach, supportive and understanding. You seek for us to draw out the best in ourselves. Fantastic supervisor 🙂 You’ve helped to me have more belief in myself. Something I desperately needed! Thank you.

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