Clinical Assessment : Ahead, In The Right Direction

Making sense of treatment choices and options can be a bit like navigating a maze at a time when you might already feel disoriented and overwhelmed.

Mapping the maze

Clinical assessment and formulation form an integral part of working with people to plan and review their therapy. Especially when there is a long history of layered traumas, longstanding issues or complicating factors, it’s important to identify priorities and work in a strategic way, building up resilience as you go.

Clinical assessment and formulation can also be accessed as a separate service to support referral to a provider that will best suit your needs and preferences. We will explore the pros and cons of different options together and, if you wish, formulate a therapeutic plan with recommendations that you can use as a starting point with other practitioners or services.

This would normally take no longer than 2-4 sessions and time for a report and referral letter to be written if you wish.

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Finding your way forward

After assessment, you will be able to make an informed choice about your treatment options and it may be possible to refer or signpost you to a provider of the therapy you have chosen. It may be possible for your chosen provider to work in partnership with me to maintain direction and consistency in your progress through therapy.

How we will meet

Finding the right therapist is really important. You may wish to have a free initial phone consultation to give you an opportunity to find out how clinical assessment can help.

Our assessment sessions can be conducted face to face in the consulting room, or by Zoom, as best suits your needs.

The fee for this service is £250 for assessment and formulation, and £150 for a referral letter or report.

Book your free consultation

I offer a free initial phone consultation to give you an opportunity to find out how I can help you.

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